Explore Summer Pours

Explore Summer Pours

As the temperatures rise, we’re seeking to cool down with our wines, and what better complements the warmth of summer than the freshness and acidity of a great white wine or champagne.

This season, Matt Brooke’s current favourites are Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

“Riesling for me is that light, fresh and delicate wine which is the perfect complement that doesn’t get drowned out by heavy food and you can also be enjoyed on its own.” Right now, Matt’s loving the Best’s Great Western Riesling 2020 ($28), a winery who has been around for a long time and particularly doing great Riesling for a long time – “it has a lovely fruitiness, weight and intensity and just enough residual sugar to give it a really lovely mouth feel while remaining racy and fresh”.

Best's 'Great Western' Riesling – Grampians, Victoria- $28

A very complex, lifted nose of honeydew melon, jasmine, lavender, lime zest and fresh almonds. 

The piercing acidity is balanced by rounded, fresh fruits and lingering almond and honey notes. 


Pinot Grigio is another summer-perfect pour that seems to resonate with a lot of people at the moment; light-medium bodied and really fresh – sitting in a lemon, apple and pear flavour spectrum and tastes delicious both on its own and when accompanied by a summer-dish such as grilled seafood or a crisp salad.

“Chenin Blanc is one of my favourite wines of the year, it sits between Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay in weight, flavour and style. At Crown Cellar & Co., you’ll find Marc Bredif ($32) which is a wine from the Loire Valley in France and has always been a versatile favourite of mine. It’s slightly exotic in its fruit with lovely fresh acidity, ages really well for cellaring, and tastes great with just about any type of food whether that’s pork, chicken or fish into richer dishes while still maintaining a freshness.”

Marc Bredif 'Classic' Vouvray Chenin Blanc – Loire Valley, France - $32 

A fine nose reminiscent of well-ripe yellow fruits (peach and pear), to which are added notes of exotic fruits such as pineapple and shades of citrus.

The palate is full and rich, with many volumes, evolving on a lemony freshness and long a lively exotic fruit finish.


Not only is it conveniently in the thick of the celebratory season but Champagne has all the qualities of a perfect summer drinking wine. Whether you’re bringing a bottle to a picnic, plotting your perfect New Years Eve pour or simply kicking back poolside, Crown Cellar & Co. has an array of champagnes and sparkling to suit all occasions and budgets.