Best's 'Great Western' Riesling 2023

Profile Fruity
Region Great Western
Body Light-medium

Best's winemaking philosophy is that great wines are made in the vineyard. Even while practising a minimalist approach, attention to detail is critical. Best's avoids the heavy-handed use of oak or winery interventions; instead, the winemaking team allows the fruit from Great Western to tell its own story.

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Tasting Notes

When to drink
Encourage cellaring for up to 5 years
On the nose
A very complex, lifted nose of honeydew melon, jasmine, lavender, lime zest and fresh almonds.
On the palate
The piercing acidity is balanced by rounded, fresh fruits and lingering almond and honey notes.
Product Notes
Riesling vines were first planted as part of Henry Best’s ‘Nursery Block’ vineyard in the 1860s. From subsequent plantings in 1944 (since removed), 1978, and 1998 Riesling became a significant part of our regime. In 2020 a hot and dry growing season meant the vines ripened quickly, and crops were lower than average. Nevertheless, the grapes had bundles of concentrated flavour and lots of vibrant acidities.