The Balvenie TUN 1509 - Batch No. 8

Profile Married
Region Scotland
Body Whiskey

The Balvenie Distillery is a world-renowned Scottish whisky distillery located in Dufftown, Scotland. The distillery was founded by William Grant in 1892, and it remains family-owned to this day. The Balvenie is known for producing some of the finest single malt whiskies in the world, with a focus on traditional methods and craftsmanship. The distillery has its own malting floor, where barley is hand-turned by a team of skilled maltmen using traditional tools and techniques. The Balvenie also has its own cooperage, where skilled craftsmen create and repair the casks used to age the whisky. The Balvenie produces a range of whiskies, from its signature 12-year-old DoubleWood to limited edition releases such as the TUN 1509 and the Peat Week. Visitors to the distillery can take a tour of the facilities, learn about the whisky-making process, and sample some of the Balvenie's finest whiskies.

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Tasting Notes

When to drink
On the nose
Vanilla, butterscotch, spices
On the palate
honey, vanilla, oak, dried fruit, and spice
Product Notes
The Balvenie TUN 1508 Batch 8 is a limited edition single malt Scotch whisky that has been matured in a hand-selected vat, known as Tun 1508, which is made from oak staves and holds up to 1508 liters of liquid. This batch is the eighth release in the Tun 1508 series, and was created by The Balvenie's Malt Master, David Stewart. It is a complex and rich whisky with notes of honey, vanilla, oak, dried fruit, and spice. The TUN 1508 Batch 8 has been aged for over 25 years, making it a rare and highly sought-after whisky among collectors and connoisseurs. Each bottle is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, making it a true treasure for whisky enthusiasts.