Pittyvaich 28 y.o.

Profile Single Malt
Region Scotland
Body Whiskey

Opened in 1975, Pittyvaich was to become one of the shortest-lived distilleries ever built on Speyside, which contributes greatly to interest in it today. Built by Arthur Bell and Sons to partner their neighbouring Dufftown distillery, it eventually became surplus to requirements, so closed in 1993 and has long been demolished. As an ultra-modern Speyside distillery built with an eye to the traditions and expertise of the past, the spirit made at Pittyvaich is of special interest, yet releases are extremely rare. Like other more famous Whiskey legends, it had a short life, but left a lasting and distinct legacy.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
From a closed distillery, the oldest 1989 Pittyvaich yet in this series, with only 4,680 bottles available worldwide. Complex and compelling; light and straightforward, yet also full-flavoured and forceful.