National Cellar 1573 'Classic' Baijiu - 500ml

Region China
Body Baijiu

The chosen liquor for Chinese state banquets, National Cellar 1573, with its exquisite national brewing craftsmanship, strong aroma and long finish, is one of the most famous Chinese brands and is also the only Chinese organic liquor. With incredible 450 years' of history, the cellar, built in Ming dynasty (AD 1573), was awarded as only China's Intangible Cultural Heritage and National Treasure in Chinese Baijiu industry by PRC.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
Premium product from Luzhou Laojiao, the father of Strong Aroma Baijiu. The only strong aroma baijiu brand using certified organic sorghum as an ingredient. Fermenting in National Treasure Cellars built in 1573 and limited cellars that are at least 100 years old. All distillates must have been aged in natural cave for at least 5 years. Fulfilling refined brewing techniques and strict requirements. The standard boutique for appreciating the Chinese liquor.