Motley Cru Chardonnay 2023

Profile Fruity
Region King Valley
Body Light-medium

Motley Cru wines culminate nearly four decades in the wine game, from making, distributing, selling, and slurping! They are honest, unpretentious, and delicious wines that we have a lot of fun making. We are a small ‘motley cru’ of wine geeks and music tragics, and despite the name, we are not prone to glam rock tantrums. The wines are situated in Central Victoria, Alpine and King Valley and include three wines in the range.

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Tasting Notes

When to drink
Enjoy now!
On the nose
Lemon, blossom on the nose. Typical notes of melon, peach and honey blossom.
On the palate
The palate has a hint of creamy lemon curd and texture on the palate and a crisp, clean finish.