Luzhou Laojiao 'Zisha Daqu' Baijiu - 500ml

Profile Baijiu
Region Sichuan Province

Sichuan province is known as the hometown of unique Chinese hard liquor, Baijiu. Located in southern Sichuan,Luzhou has enjoyed its good reputation of “the city of spirits” since ancient times, with its over thousand-year history of brewing liquor dating back from Qin or Han dynasty. Luzhou Laojiao is a large brewing backbone group that developed from 36 ancient workshops in Ming and Qing dynasties.

Indulge in Luzhou Laojiao's exquisite creation, Zisha, a testament to over four centuries of spirit mastery. Crafted with time-honored Chinese baijiu techniques, this liquor embodies tradition. Its beautifully designed bottle mirrors the rich heritage of Luzhou Laojiao. Prepare your senses for a journey: a symphony of floral fragrances dances upon your nose, followed by the delightful harmony of pepper, ripe peach, and toasted rice on your palate. As you sip, a subtle sweetness emerges, accentuating hints of peach and pear. Zisha is not just a drink; it's a celebration of history and craftsmanship, inviting you to join in the legacy of Luzhou Laojiao.

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Tasting Notes

When to drink
Drink now
On the nose
On the nose, it has a complex floral aroma, complemented by pepper
On the palate
On the palate expect ripe peach and toasted rice
Product Notes
Zisha was created using traditional Chinese baijiu techniques. This spirit has a traditional Chinese bottle design which displays the heritage and history of Luzhou Laojiao.