Kweichow Moutai 'Chun 1992' - 500ml

Region China
Body Baijiu

Moutai, China’s “national liquor” is the world’s most valuable liquor brand and is known as one of the top three famous distilled spirits in the world for over 100 years, alongside French cognacs and Scotch whiskies. Thus, Moutai stands as is the absolute top choice for Chinese baijiu. Moutai is named after its origin, and is produced exclusively in the town of Moutai, Guizhou (Kweichew), Province, China, just along the banks of the Chishui River.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
Moutai Chun 1992 produces in line with the same raw materials and technology of Moutai. The proportion adjustment of “reducing acid and increasing aroma” has been carried out based on Moutai flavour to suit more people’s tastes. The premium offer of such innovation caters to the palates of young modern individuals who are looking for an elegant taste for their daily pleasure, both individual and social settings.