Jack Daniel's Bonded Tennessee Whiskey

Profile American
Region United States
Body Whiskey

Jack Daniels distillery was founded by Jasper “Jack” Daniel in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. He was a self-taught distiller who developed a unique charcoal-mellowing process to create distinctive whiskey. The whiskey is renowned for its smooth and mellow taste, with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Now Jack Daniels is one of the most recognizable and iconic brands of American whiskey in the world.

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Tasting Notes

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Product Notes
Jack Daniel’s Bonded is Jack’s time-honored recipe of 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye, but distilled to the standards of the Bottled-In-Bond act (1897), meaning this whiskey is from one distilling season, at 100 proof (50% ALC/VOL), and is matured for a minimum of 4 years at our federally bonded warehouses. Barrels were hand selected for their unique and particular characteristics of deeper colour, flavor, and aroma, which bring a darker, richer, and more oak-forward character to Jack Daniel’s Bonded. It is a big, bold Tennessee Whiskey with layered notes of caramel, rich oak, and spice giving way to a pleasantly lingering finish.