Hokusetsu 'TK40' Premium Daiginjo Sake - 500ml

Region Japan
Body Sake

The Hokusetsu sake brewery boasts a history of more than a century and a half. It is based in a charming building in the southwest of Sado, an island in the Sea of Japan off the west coast of Niigata Prefecture. The climate, water, and rice on the island of Sado are all perfect for making sake, and today Hokusetsu is carving out new fame as the sole supplier to the high-end Nobu chain of Japanese restaurants.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
To earn the Daiginjo distinction, the pinnacle of a Sake maker’s achievement, the Sake must be brewed from rice that has been milled down to at least 50 percent of its original volume. Nobu’s TK40 is polished down to 40 percent, resulting in a truly elegant brew. It is crafted from Koshi-Tanrei rice, a rare hybrid grown only in the Niigata district. Beautiful on the nose, TK40 is creamy, delicate, and perfectly balanced.