Hippocampus Vodka

Region Australia
Body Vodka

Boatrocker is a small, family owned and run brewery and distillery in Melbourne's southeast. Boatrocker sets out to challenge the status quo of beers and spirits. Celebrating tradition while pushing the boundaries, finding new and exciting flavour profiles but never straying from our quality-driven values is what sets Boatrocker apart. Founded in 2009 by Matt & Andrea Houghton, Boatrocker has come a long way from its beginnings of selling its first beers from the back of their car.

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Organic wheat is fermented in small batches and softened with local water to create a wash that is as pure and flavourful as we can make it. We only keep the best of the ’heart’ spirit and the result is a distinctive style of vodka that is incredibly rich and soft with superb flavours.