Highland Park 21 y.o.

Profile Single Malt
Region Scotland
Body Whiskey

We don’t tame the elements that go into highland park single malt scotch whiskey – that would be far too easy – instead we bring together the natural and often contradictory influences of our environment, here in the Orkney islands, into a wild harmony of perfect contrasts. our distillery is perched atop high ground on the southern edge of Kirkwall, and stands watch over the town. as well as a collection of ancient stone buildings, we have 23 warehouses, and 2 pagoda-topped kilns. incidentally, although our warehouses are numbered from 1 to 25, there are actually only 23 of them – one of history’s little mysteries. for over 220 years, our distillery has sat stoically through long winters, raging storms and 100mph winds. it all makes for more harmonious whiskey.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
Selecting similar quantities of contrasting cask types – nine first-fill European sherry seasoned oak hogsheads, eight ex-bourbon hogsheads, and nine refill hogsheads – gives the November 2019 Release of Highland Park 21 Year Old single malt Whiskey an impressively rounded and unique flavour. As the warm spices and rich dried fruit flavours of the European casks mingle with the sweeter, exotic fruit notes from the ex-bourbon hogsheads, the softer influence of the refill casks finishes off the harmony.