Cheese, Beer, Wine, Cider - A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings


Cheese, Beer, Wine, Cider: A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings is an indispensable book for food and beverage enthusiasts looking to elevate their tasting experiences. Written by Steve Jones and Adam Lindsley, this guidebook takes readers on a delightful journey, exploring the harmonious combinations of cheese with different alcoholic beverages. With detailed descriptions, practical tips, and mouthwatering pairings, the book offers a wealth of knowledge on how to create the perfect flavor symphony. Whether you're a cheese aficionado, a beer lover, a wine connoisseur, or a cider enthusiast, this book provides a comprehensive roadmap to unlocking the world of delightful pairings that will tantalize your taste buds and enhance your appreciation for these delicious treats.

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