Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

As the leaves change colour and the air takes on a delightful crispness, thoughts turn to hearty meals and cosy catch-ups. And there’s no better pairing for a winter feast than red wine, from a big bold Shiraz to a smooth Pinot Noir.

“Winter reds are so enjoyable when it’s cold outside and they provide warm company,” says Matt Brooke, Crown’s Director of Wine. “At Crown, we focus on Australian reds as the hero they deserve to be.”

Expect to see beloved red wines on the menu at Crown, including Shiraz and Cabernet from superstar producers Henschke and Penfolds. At fine dining destinations Bistro Guillaume and Rockpool, red wines are a natural choice when ordering a rib eye or rich ragu. Lesser well-known is the ability of red varietals to pair with captivating Asian flavours from the kitchens of Nobu and Silks.

“Many of the Asian cuisines pair really well with richer reds,” Brooke says. “A wagyu-style dish or Mongolian lamb at Silks, for example, lends itself well to drinking with a big, bold red.”

Chris Crawford, Crown’s Group General Manager of Beverage, says diners may be surprised at the depth of food/wine pairings recommended at Crown’s restaurants.

“At Nobu, people tend to think first of all the fantastic raw seafoods,” he says, “but something like the famous miso cod is quite a resilient dish and can cope with lighter to medium-style reds. While you might normally think of white wine to go with fish, depending on how it’s prepared and the fleshiness of the fish, it can also go really well with reds.”

If you love the wines at Crown’s restaurants, you can now order them to enjoy at home. Sommelier-led boutique wine and spirits retailer, Crown Cellar & Co, offers only the best of the best as chosen by Crawford and Brooke.
Expect to see plenty of iconic Australian reds, plus some special limited edition wines.

“Australia is producing some of the best Cabernet that it ever has, they are really worth putting up on a pedestal,” Brooke says. “Shiraz is the king of the big reds so we have plenty to choose from.”

When you taste something you love at Crown, go to the online store and buy a bottle or two to have at home. Even if it’s not listed on the site, contact the store and they’ll use their impressive network of contacts to order it in.

“When you come to Crown, you have a unique experience, you taste something new and discover new wines,” Crawford says. “Now there’s an easy way to take that home and continue to enjoy.”