Fenjiu 30 Year 'Blue and White' Baijiu - 500ml

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Region China
Body Baijiu

Fenjiu is a type of light-flavoured spirit. It is a Chinese baijiu from Shanxi province. It is recognised for its clean and pure taste. It has sweet, mild and well balanced flavours on the palate. It has delicate aromas with a light and refreshing finish. Fenjiu is traditionally served warm at 40 degrees Celsius, as it is produced in a cool and mountainous region, and is best matched with Shanxi style food such as their handmade noodles with aged vinegar and chili oil, which is spicy and sour.

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
This crystal-clear spirit has an elegant fragrance and tastes remarkably mild and sweet and with a lingering finish. Best Served warm to enhance the refreshing qualities.