Convalmore 32 yo

Profile Single Malt
Region Scotland
Body Whiskey

The fourth of Dufftown’s famed seven stills, Convalmore was built in 1893/4 as part of the last Victorian gold rush. In 1909, the distillery was damaged in a fire and when it re-opened a year later it contained a pair of pot stills and a new continuous still which had been engineered to produce malt Whiskey. Convalmore’s life was always dedicated to providing fillings for blends and as a result its whiskies were never given the platform which, it now transpires, they deserved. It was mothballed in 1985 and sold to William Grant & Sons

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Tasting Notes

Product Notes
A natural cask strength Single Malt Whiskey from the closed Convalmore Distillery at Dufftown, Speyside. From refill American Oak hogsheads filled in 1984, it's a rare and unusual old Whiskey. Subtle in style, yet possessing hidden depths and showing considerable balance and poise, this characterful spirit makes a luxurious apéritif.